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  • Postal code:230011
  • Fixed telephone:0551-62624160
  • phone number:13966658995
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Telephone hotline service: the company's after-sales telephone number (0551-62624160), users can directly contact the company's technical engineers by telephone, ask for solutions to problems, report product defects, ask for documents, seek technical guidance and other problems.

On-site support services: 1. In case of need, the company will send experienced technical engineers to the site in time to provide services for users. The company's technical engineers will be placed in the user environment, meticulously experience the operation of the system, and users face to face communication and discussion, reliable and effective fault prediction, problem tracking, exception elimination.

2. Provide free service for one year; Charging service after one year; During the period of quality assurance, the company is responsible for free maintenance service for any fault caused by manufacturing quality. For major functional additions or modifications, additional charges will be charged depending on the workload. If the hardware fails beyond the warranty period, the maintenance cost shall be borne by the user. If the fault is caused by improper operation of the user, and during the free service period, the company will charge travel fee and technical service fee as appropriate. For the damage not caused by the manufacturing quality problems of our company or the damage beyond the warranty period, our company provides paid maintenance services.

Training support services: provide user training services according to the product training plan, including product installation, configuration, operation and application case demonstration, and provide relevant training materials. All training courses are taught by technicians with good theoretical literacy and rich practical experience.

Follow up and return visit service (free of charge) : 1. Provide user tracking service, record users' problems at any time and solve them as soon as possible, and visit users irregularly after the completion of the project.

2. Send materials to users regularly to provide introduction of new functions, new technologies and new trends.

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