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Plenum-pulse is an efficient bag dust collector with the technical level of 1990s, which is developed on the basis of digesting, absorbing and introducing Fuller's technology in China. This series of bag dust remover can gather the advantages of all kinds of dust removers, such as backblowing by chamber and spraying pulse, and overcome the disadvantage of insufficient kinetic energy intensity when backblowing by chamber, thus expanding the range of use of bag dust remover, improving dust collecting efficiency and extending the service life of filter bag. It is not only widely used in building materials, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry and other industries, and has become a matching recycling equipment with o-sepa type separator, vertical mill, dryer, finished cement, mineral powder, coal mill and other supporting equipment. Especially suitable for crushing, packing, storage roof, clinker cooling machine and various dust removal system of grinding mill.

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