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Nordic air filtration ltd. is a manufacturer of high tech filters that produce filtration products for distributors and oems around the world. In March 2019, our company obtained the authorization of Nordic corporation's promotion cooperation and promotion enterprise in east China.

First. Structure and installation mode of folding filter cylinder




Standard: Galvanized steel





Filter class: E12


Standard:Band 6

Second. folding filter cylinder advantages

1. greatly increase the filtration area, reduce the filtration wind speed.

Generally speaking, the cement grinding filter bag is about 3 meters long. After replacing the folding filter cylinder, the length is only about 2 meters, and the effective filtration area can be increased by about 2 times, thus reducing the filtration wind speed.

2. Ultra-high filtration efficiency to ensure export emission standards

According to the customer's working conditions, polyester coated filter material is selected, and the surface filtration principle is adopted to block particles on the surface of the filter material.

The surface filters the internal contrast

(2)The folding filter cylinder has no pinhole, which can avoid the tiny dust leakage of pinhole, so as to ensure the stable emission of particulate matter at the outlet of the dust collector below 10mg/Nm3.

(3)High filtration accuracy

Filtration efficiency table

The dust particle size(uM)

Efficiency percentage(%)















Third. Effectively reduce voltage loss, reduce frequency conversion fan power consumption

In general, the filtration pressure difference of folding filter cylinder can be reduced by 500-700pa compared with traditional deep filtration materials.

(1)Large filtration area and low filtration wind speed can effectively reduce filtration pressure loss. The filter material of nordik filter cylinder has very good air permeability. At the filtration wind speed of 3m/min, its pressure loss is only 177Pa.

(2)The formation of a "settlement chamber", large particle size after entering the chamber can naturally settle. Then reduce the filtration load of the filter material, reduce the pressure difference;

Four. The installation speed is three times of the traditional filter bag, reducing the impact on production.

(1) Folding filter cylinder installation process is very simple, low technical requirements; Folding filter cylinder installation process is very simple, low technical requirements;

(2)Folding filter cylinder without bag cage, and the filter cylinder is short, less process;

In general, the folding filter cylinder can save 2/3 of the installation time. Replacement and maintenance costs have also been reduced.


Directly solve the problem of airflow distribution, avoid wear of filter cylinder

(1) The lower "settlement chamber" constitutes a large air mixing chamber, making the air distribution more uniform;

(2)Filter cylinder is short, generally only 2-3 meters, internal support structure is firm, product rigidity is strong, not easy to swing, to avoid the damage caused by friction;The bottom of the cartridge is made of polyurethane, a hard plastic. Completely avoid damage caused by bottom scour.

The upper white is the shorter folding filter cylinder, while the lower gray is the original ordinary filter bag.

Six. Long service life, 3-6 years warranty.

(1) The world's only ultrasonic band welding technology, to ensure that the use of 3-6 years will not fall off.

(2) The filter cylinder adopts the patented processing method to ensure the good uniformity of the discounted spacing and Angle, and to ensure that the product will not appear weak points of force;

(3) The global average damage rate is less than 1 in 1,000;

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