Company advantages

The company attaches great importance to the technical innovation of products, has a number of national patents on dust treatment and bag dust removal

  • Technology innovation

    We have rich experience in flue gas treatment in chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, rubber, electric power and other industries, and we have many technical patents of our own

  • The processing technology

    From user use, field inspection, technical consultation, process design, manufacturing, installation and debugging to after-sales service, can meet customer requirements in an all-round way.

  • Technology patent

    The company organized the main technical backbone to set up the "long bag low-pressure bag filter research and development team" to design and manufacture according to the customers' smelting situation and specific requirements

  • A wide range

    The company's products, such as bag dust remover and boiler dust remover, have achieved success in many industries, such as cement, smelting, steel, chemical industry, urban waste treatment, etc.


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Anhui qianrui environmental protection technology co., ltd. is a professional environmental protection company established by hefei chengan mechanical and electrical engineering co., ltd. in response to the national environmental protection industry require…
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