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Requirements for insulation materials and insulation methods of pulse dust remover

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Requirements for insulation materials and insulation methods of pulse dust remover

1. The insulation materials of the pulse dust remover meet the insulation performance, and ensure that after the insulation (when the ambient temperature is no higher than 25 degrees, the outer surface temperature of the insulation structure is no more than 50 degrees; When the ambient temperature is higher than 25 degrees, the outer surface temperature of the insulation structure is 25 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. Thermal insulation structure in the design of service life should ensure integrity, in the use of the process is not allowed to burn out, rot, peeling phenomenon. Thermal insulation structure should have enough mechanical strength, in self-weight, vibration, snow and other additional load will not damage.

2. The insulation layer shall be waterproof and fireproof, and the overall plane after insulation shall be flat and beautiful (the plane after insulation shall only leak out the reinforcing ribs, which shall be flush with the outer protective plate, and the insulation structure of the air flow layer shall be set on the outer layer).

Take reliable measures to ensure no over temperature, especially at the stiffener.

The insulation construction can only be carried out after the air tightness inspection or test of the dust collector.

Five, heat preservation is used in any weather conditions, so the laying of shell protection plate is conducive to drainage.

6. The insulation structure requires that the self-locking gasket should be arranged at least 8 pieces per square meter, and the horizontal spacing of the core pulling aluminum rivets should be 200MM.

Seven, insulation layer thickness is 100 mm, the reinforcement on to 50 mm, high temperature thermal insulation material selection glass cotton (TYPE1000, delta = 50), in the thickness direction on the second floor laid, interlayer should break, break distance no less than a third of the plate length or plate width, spell every should level off, closely the outer of high temperature glass cotton shall be laid galvanized hexagonal wire netting, reoccupy self-locking gasket pressure. The lower part of the small gray bucket laid steel mesh, and then use self-locking gasket pressure.

Eight, mortal door, transmission device at the heat preservation does not affect the door open and equipment operation.

9. Use 5*13-11 core-pulling aluminum rivets when the shell protection plate is connected with the connection Angle steel, and 5*11-11 core-pulling aluminum rivets when the protection plate is connected with the protection plate.

10. the upper and lower direction spacing of the support Angle steel is about 1000MM, and the left and right direction spacing is about 500MM.

11. The joints of the inner and outer layers of the insulation shall be staggered, and there shall be no holes between the layers and joints. The insulation density shall ensure the density that will not collapse in long-term operation.

Twelve, after insulation pulse dust remover noise should be less than 85 db.

13. For inclined plane and horizontal structure parts with horizontal included Angle greater than 45 degrees, the insulation layer shall be equipped with supporting parts, which shall be located above the flange, etc., and the position shall not affect the removal of bolts.

14. In order to ensure the neat and beautiful appearance of the metal protective layer, a metal framework shall be appropriately set up to support the metal protective layer.

15. the layers of thermal insulation expansion joints should be staggered.

16. insulation structure parts according to the pulse dust collector design selection.

17. High temperature glass wool is selected as the insulation material, the bulk density is 32 kilograms per cubic meter.

18. Specification of high temperature glass wool: 50*600*1200(MM).

19. the outer protection plate for the rolling groove color steel plate.

20. roof insulation after pedestrian conditions.

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