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Importance of boiler bag filter in boiler and industrial production

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Boiler bag filter is a common supporting equipment in boiler and industrial production. Its function is the boiler fuel, combustion emissions of particulate smoke to be added to, thereby significantly reducing the amount of smoke into the atmosphere. This is a good way to protect the environment. Thus, the environmental quality of people's life is improved.

Boiler bag filter is a kind of unit combined dust removal equipment with large air volume, good ash removal effect and reliable operation.

Principle of boiler bag filter

The boiler bag-filter is used to take the dust-containing gas from the guide pipe into each unit ash bucket. Under the guidance of the ash bucket guide system, the large particles of dust fall directly into the dust bucket after separation, and the rest of the dust enters the filter area of the middle box with the airflow. The filtered clean gas passes through the filter bag and is discharged through the upper box, lifting valve and exhaust pipe. With the progress of filtration, when the dust accumulation on the surface of the filter bag reaches a certain amount, the dust removal control device will close the lifting valve according to the set procedure, open the electromagnetic pulse valve and spray, shake off the dust on the filter bag, fall into the dust bucket and discharge through the dust discharging valve.

Installation points of boiler bag filter:

(1) the gravity settling effect - dust gas into the bag filter, large particles, a large proportion of dust, in the gravity settling down, this and the effect of settling chamber.

(2) filtration -- when the particle diameter of dust is larger than the gap between the fibers of the filter material or the gap between the dust on the filter material, the dust is blocked when the airflow passes through, which is called filtration. When the accumulation of dust on the filter, this effect is more significant.

The inertia force action, air flow filter material, can around the fiber, and the larger dust particles zai inertia force, still according to the original direction of motion, then collided with the filter material and was captured.

Thermal exercise effect - light body small dust (1 micron or less), with the flow of motion, very close to the flow line of the flow, can bypass the fiber. But they change direction when they are hit by gas molecules moving in a thermal motion, known as Brownian motion, which increases the chance that the dust will come into contact with the fibers, allowing the dust to be trapped. When the filter fiber diameter is smaller, the voidage is smaller, its capture rate is higher, so the more conducive to dust removal.

Boiler bag precipitators have been widely used in various industrial sectors for a long time. They are used to capture non-bonded, non-fibrous industrial dust and volatile matter, capturing dust particles up to 0.1 micron. However, when it is used to treat gases containing water vapour, condensation problems should be avoided. Boiler bag filter has very high purification efficiency, even the efficiency of collecting fine dust can reach more than 99%, and its efficiency ratio is high.

Each dust removal and purification system always has its technical advantages and disadvantages, the appropriate dust removal facilities and processes should be selected according to the actual situation. For boiler dust remover and other dust remover, dust removal efficiency, pressure loss, adaptability of load change, cost, durability and operation and management cost are generally evaluated.

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