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Selection, manufacture and installation of special dust removal cloth bags for power plants

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The following questions need to be paid special attention to in the design review of dust remover to use mature technology for new or retrofit projects

1. Selection of filter wind speed

The wind speed of cloth bag filter for special dust removal in power plant is related to the size of filter area, that is to say, the number of filter bags is a problem. The number of filter bags is large; the filtration area is large; the filtration wind speed is small; the system resistance is small, but the investment is large. It is necessary to choose the suitable filter wind speed by combining the actual situation of each user.

2. Appropriate smoke distribution technology

The suitable original flue gas distribution technology is directly related to the service life of filter bag. Now the power plant special dust cloth bag manufacturers have different technology, but it should be combined with the actual situation of the power plant to determine suitable for the actual factory. The flow rate of the original flue gas entering each filter chamber should be controlled within a reasonable range. Excessive wind speed will cause the filter bag to swing, making the cage keel break off the filter bag.

3. Strictly review the calculation data and methods of filtering area

Strictly audit the calculation data and method of filter area, prevent the filter area can not meet the needs and make the pressure difference of dust collector greatly affect the boiler load. The vast majority of dust remover manufacturers and power plant special dust cloth bag manufacturers are partners, and the user's bidding is often not separate bidding filter bags. Most of the designated bag factories are selected by the dust collector factories. Problems of one kind or another are inevitable in this link. The real filtration area is the key to ensure the normal operation of dust remover in power plant. There are some examples of insufficient filtration area causing great impact on the operating resistance of dust remover on the power generation load.

4. Use the spray technology with excellent product quality

Whether it is spraying or rotating spraying, effective ash cleaning is the key to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector, and the selection of the solenoid valve is the key to ensure the effect of ash cleaning, the service life of the solenoid valve is not only related to the effect of ash cleaning, unit load. Serious will make the filter bag in a short time a lot of damage. Due to the solenoid valve fault, a factory in shanxi increased the injection pressure from 2kg/m2 to 6kg/m2 for several days, resulting in a large area of filter bag damage and had to stop for replacement.

The rotating part of the rotary spraying should be highly reliable, and the installation of the spraying system must consider the expansion of the roof of the clean air chamber. The spraying reducer cannot be welded to the cold top of the dust collector, and the spraying arm should be equipped with limit bearing to prevent the friction between the spraying arm and the flower-plate from getting stuck.

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