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Why is the bag dust collector used more?

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The cloth bag filter is a filter type dust removal device based on the principle of filtration. It USES the organic fiber or inorganic fiber filter cloth to filter the dust out of the gas in the dust removal process: Dust gas from the air inlet into the central body, from outside into the bag filter bag, dust is blocked in the filter bag outside appearance, purify the air into the bag, again by upper bag into the upper body, from the exhaust pipes. Large long pulse bag filter is technology at home and abroad for reference, the successful development of new useful long bag dust collector, is in practice a short pulse bag dust catcher developed on the basis of a new, useful bag filter, it not only sums up the chamber blow and the style of the pulse ash removal, overcome the ordinary chamber blow strength is insufficient and the general pulse soot dust attached defect again, and lengthen the filter bag, Give full play to the compressed air strong effect of cleaning ash. It is a kind of large dust removal equipment with high dust removal efficiency, small floor area, stable operation, reliable function and convenient repair, which can be widely used in wood industry, metallurgy, casting, building materials, mining, chemical industry and other occupations.

The effect of cloth bag filter on metal and woodworking machinery reaches more than 99%. Cloth bag filter is one of the most widely used kinds of dust remover. In terms of quantity, the use of cloth bag filter accounts for more than 60% of the total amount of dust remover and 70% of the total amount of dust remover. The reason why the cloth bag filter is used more is that its dust removal efficiency is high, can satisfy the strict environmental protection requirements, the operation is stable, the habit ability is strong, every hour can handle the volume from several hundred cubic meters to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters, and is suitable for many industrial and mining enterprises dust removal project purification equipment.

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