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The correct selection of boiler dust collector determines the dust removal efficiency of the equipment

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Correct selection of boiler filter determines the dust removal efficiency of equipment, the selection is a very need to attach importance to the link, the correct selection or not can directly determine the equipment for industrial dust pollution governance, hua kang according to their own years of experience, summed up some matters needing attention in the selection of boiler precipitator, can effectively help customers for boiler dust collector for selection, choose a dust removal effect is good dust removal equipment, the governance of industrial dust atmospheric environmental protection is our common purpose.

Boiler bag filter plays an important role in boiler dust removal and desulfurization. There are many boiler dust removal equipment, which should be considered according to combustion mode, dust concentration, and load of boiler dust removal equipment. A qualified dust removal equipment should meet the needs of the use, improve air quality, reduce pollution, and cooperate with the use of machinery. The selection of boiler bag filter should consider the following aspects.

1. Dust concentration in smoke exhaust: firstly, it is necessary to know the operating emission concentration of local boiler dust and dust concentration in smoke exhaust of boiler, calculate the dust removal efficiency of dust remover, and then select the type and level of dust remover and dust removal efficiency of dust remover.

2. Smoke volume: all kinds of dust removers have corresponding designs to deal with smoke volume. Under this smoke volume, the dust collector can be in ideal operating condition. When the actual load changes, the dust removal efficiency will change.

3, dust dispersion: boiler smoke exhaust fly ash is composed of different sizes of dust particles, dust particle size range is generally 3 ~ 500 mum. Dust is usually grouped in a certain diameter range, and the percentage of each weight in the total weight of smoke is called its dispersion. Different types of dust precipitators have different adaptability to the dispersion of dust particles.

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