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Matters needing attention in the use of bag filter

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In use, it is necessary to prevent the gas from cooling down to the dew point in the bag room, especially when using the bag dust collector under negative pressure. Because of its shell often have air leakage, make bag room gas temperature is lower than dew point, filter bag will be affected by damp, cause dust is not loose, but adhere to the paste on the filter bag, clog the fabric hole, cause the clear ash failure, make the dust collector pressure drop too large, cannot continue to run, some produce paste bag cannot dust. |

1. Check the gas leakage and concentration change of the dust collector.

2. Clean the dust in the cylinder and dust in the dust bin.

3. Check for wear and corrosion causing perforation. Check the air tightness of each part, change the sealing element when necessary.

4. At the beginning of the dust collector, the compressed air should be connected to the air storage tank to check each movement element. At the end, there is no need to cut off the air source, especially when the fan is running, to provide compressed air to the lift valve.

5. Excessive dust emission is the root cause of excessive dust emission; Broken filter bag; The filter bag is mismatched.

6. Observe whether there is condensation in the bag chamber and whether the ash discharge is smooth. Prevent the phenomenon of blockage and corrosion, the serious accumulation of ash will hinder the operation of the main engine.

Clean dust in drum and dust in dust bin. Also can carry on the non-standard design transformation according to the customer request, for you to customize the product you need.

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