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What is the reason why the dust bucket of the cloth bag collector cannot be removed from the ashes?

The article citations:This web site    sentiment:151    Published time:2019-08-16 16:36:59

The dust bucket of the cloth bag collector cannot be removed from the ashes. What's the reason?

The possibilities are many. First, if it is a newly installed dust collector and the ash is discharged on time, there may be reasons not to incinerate. Discharge motor does not work or reducer problems, resulting in poor card operation. The discharging motor cannot work normally, or the problem is caused by the control cabinet, so the motor cannot work normally. It depends on which discharge port is not gray.

If there is no ash discharge for a period of time or no ash for a long time, the accumulation of internal dust is too much, causing blockage, or internal splicing or design caused by the ash discharge is not smooth, ash blockage, leading to failure.

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