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Easy maintenance and high temperature resistance of boiler desulfurizer

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The boiler desulfurizer is a comprehensive device integrating dust removal, desulfurization, self-discharge and water replenishment. The interior of the shell is made of anticorrosive and wear-resistant materials newly developed by the Chinese academy of sciences. Ensure service life, no matter in technology and economy can be comparable with similar products, it is all kinds of industry, power station boiler, especially pulverized coal, fluidized bed, new shale brick factory boiler desulfurization and dust removal ideal technical equipment.

The boiler desulfurization and dust remover has the characteristics of circulating solution in the dust remover, convenient operation and management, less water consumption and economical operation. Boiler desulfurizer is an ideal technical equipment for various industries, especially for pulverized coal, power station boiler, fluidized bed boiler. Boiler desulfurization precipitator used a strong based on multiphase turbulent mass transfer mechanism and development of a wet desulfurization dust removal technology, the centrifugal water film dust removal and desulfurization dusting spray boiling combined into an organic whole, with scripture venturi dust and harmful gas flue gas is accelerated, and special hydrocyclone and venturi before injection of liquid atomization and tower top spray desulfuration liquid collision rotary shear formation, gas and liquid is high speed rotary cutting, mix up into boiling after reaction layer, the dust and harmful gas in the flue gas is capture and absorption desulfurization liquid micro particles in the liquid, due to the atomization of liquid particle interface, Therefore, the efficiency of collecting and absorbing smoke and harmful gas is high. The purified flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere through dehydrator, induced draft fan and chimney.

The advantages of boiler desulfurizer are easy to maintain, and can achieve the effect of dust removal and desulfurization at the same time by preparing different dust removal agents. The disadvantage is that dust removal liquid needs to be treated, which may lead to secondary pollution. The desulfurizer USES ammonia water of a certain concentration as desulfurizer, and produces ammonia sulfate slurry, which is transported to the treatment system of chemical fertilizer plant. The ammonia water requirement used in the desulfurization process is automatically adjusted by the preset PH control valve and measured by the flowmeter. Ammonia-sulphate crystals are crystallized by saturated ammonia-sulphate grout in the desulfurizer, and the suspended particles with a weight ratio of about 35% are generated. The slurry is pumped to the treatment site, dehydrated at the primary and secondary levels, and then sent to the fertilizer plant for further dehydration, drying, condensation and storage. While the flue gas is desulfurized by the boiler dust removal equipment, the boiler dust collector also generates considerable by-products and achieves certain economic benefits.

Desulphurization and denitrification precipitator refers to the equipment which can realize gas-solid separation when the air hole containing dust and smoke passes through the filter layer and the dust particles in the airflow are blocked and collected by the filter layer. The filter dust removal device includes bag type desulfurizer and particle layer filter. The former usually USES the filter bag made of organic fiber or inorganic fiber fabric as the filter layer, while the filter layer of the latter mostly USES particles of different sizes, such as quartz sand, river sand, ceramsite, slag and so on. With the repeated adhesion of powder to the outer surface of the filter bag, the layer of powder is continuously thickened, and the resistance value of the cloth bag filter increases accordingly. The pulse valve diaphragm gives the command to open the pulse valve when the left and right sides are submerged, and the compressed air in the high-pressure air bag is opened. If there is no dust or it is small enough to a certain extent, the mechanical ash cleaning work will stop working.

The large desulfurization device of flue gas desulfurization is called desulfurization tower, and the small desulfurization and dust removal device used for flue gas desulfurization of coal-fired industrial boilers and kilns is called desulfurization and denitrification dust collector. In the desulfurization tower and the desulfurization precipitator, the flue gas containing SO2 should be chemically absorbed to the SO2 in the flue gas. In order to strengthen the absorption process, improve the desulfurization efficiency, and reduce the investment and operating costs of equipment, the desulfurization tower and the desulfurization precipitator should meet the following basic requirements: The interference between air and liquid is strong, the absorption resistance is small, and the absorption efficiency of SO2 is high. Stable operation with appropriate flexibility.

The desulfurization and denitrification precipitator has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, aging resistance, light weight and high strength, and long service life. Ordinary resin composite products have poor temperature resistance and are not suitable for the main material of dust removal tower. With this kind of corrosion resistant material, resin composite materials and the high temperature resistant modification, and dust removal tower body using a molding large winding equipment, greatly increasing the strength of equipment, the series of SCT type dust removal desulfurization tower has high strength, corrosion resistance, such as performance, under the condition of the normal standard operating maintenance rate is almost zero. The flue gas in the desulfurization and denitration precipitator passes through the flue system from the existing electrostatic precipitator and blower. Through a 100% axial - flow fan, into the desulfurization tower.

After entering the desulfurization tower, the SO2 is absorbed by the ammonia slurry by touching the countercurrent spray slurry including the ammonia slurry. The slurry also fills up the gas and cools it from an inlet temperature of 135℃ to 50℃. The gas then passes through two corrugated demisters at the top of the desulfurization tower. Two layers of demisters are installed at the top of the desulfurization tower to remove droplet. The gas in the operational spray tower is removed from the desulfurization tower and re-passed through the boiler to reheat the gas from scratch and enter the existing chimney equipment at a temperature of 80℃ under the described operating conditions.

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