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The operation process and control form of electric precipitator are simply analyzed

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There will be a lot of oil mist in the flue gas of electric furnace when smelting oily iron shavings. We are in the dust collector flue gas inlet bypass system and bypass valve, off-line valve. The by-pass of the electric furnace dust collector is arranged in the middle of the inlet and outlet air duct. The bypass valve and off-line valve of the pre-spraying system of electric furnace dust collector are in the form of pneumatic quick-opening cover, o-type two-way sealing groove, and the sealing ring is made of fluororubber which is acid-alkali resistant and high-temperature resistant. The general temperature resistance reaches 200 degrees, and the service life is at least 2 years. The two valves adopt simple and reliable linear movement to avoid trouble caused by high rotary failure rate. Guide the slide track of valve operation equipment, keep the driving device at a certain distance from the high temperature area, so as to ensure good operation under high temperature for a long time. Each dust collector is equipped with multiple sets of bypass valves to meet the requirements of flue gas passage when the bypass protection function of the electric furnace dust collector is started. Off-line valve (or lifting valve) each room is equipped with one, so that the dust collector has off-line cleaning, off-line maintenance functions.

Lift valve and bypass valve are of thin plate type. The two valves are controlled by the cylinder, the main parts of the valve cylinder are imported products, the voltage level of the two-way solenoid valve is 24v. The whole set of valves have simple structure, reliable, fast opening and closing speed, and can meet the requirement of zero leakage when closing. Through PLC, one or more warehouses can be controlled to work at the same time, and one or more storehouses can be closed for off-line ash cleaning and off-line maintenance.

When the lifting valve and manual switching valve of electric furnace dust collector are closed, it can ensure that the bin room is completely offline, and realize the single bin maintenance under the working state of dust collector (manual switching valve can also be used to adjust the air inlet), and the limit device on the lifting valve can enable the operator to check its operation status even if it is closed.

The amount of smoke and temperature of flue gas produced by electric furnace dust collector are different, and the difference is great. In the feeding process, it is mainly the dust generated by the scrap steel and slag during the loading, which requires a small amount of dust removal air, and requires the dust not to be diffused and not to pollute the working environment around the electric furnace as the standard. In the process of power transmission, the raw material is sent to the electric arc heating, causing the combustion of combustible waste gas. At this time, the electric furnace needs to heat the furnace material to the melting state, requires that the smoke and dust can be discharged in time, but not too much heat away from the furnace to ensure the steelmaking cycle.

Many smelting manufacturers are not so familiar with the use of electric precipitator, and the bag of electric precipitator is easy to break down and can't find any fault. I would like to introduce the requirements of high temperature precipitator in the use of the bag of flue gas:

1.  smoke temperature cannot be lower than 50 degrees, smoke less than 50 degrees dust bag and dust will condensation, cloth bag and ash scab make the cloth bag of the dust collector become hard and brittle easy to break, resulting in shortened the life of the cloth bag of the electric furnace dust collector.

2.  the temperature of flue gas is controlled within 280 degrees, beyond which the cloth bag will be burned. At present, the dust treated by the cloth bag filter has not exceeded this temperature.

The setting of dust removal system of electric precipitator is very important in the whole operation of electric precipitator.

1. The spraying width of the pulse valve of the dust collector should not exceed 0.3-0.7 seconds, during which the dust remover has a great effort in cleaning the cloth bags.

2.  to ensure that the dust collector pulse valve injection of enough air, compressed air enough air cleaning is invalid, so pulse valve cleaning interval must be enough.

Electric precipitator is the device of pulse ash cleaning control system, including automatic control and manual control, which can be converted to each other.

1. automatic control of electric dust collector, cloth bag pulse dust collector is the pulse dust control system of the device, including automatic control and manual control two, can be converted to each other with manual and timing control mode, can be converted to each other. When the set time period is reached, each chamber of the dust collector will carry out pulse spraying and dust removal successively, and the dust removal state will adopt off-line chamber cleaning successively. The implementation of the ash cleaning program is automatically controlled by the main control cabinet PLC.

2. Timing control: the selection switch selects the position of "automatic" and "timing". After the timing control condition is satisfied, the system should first turn off # 1

When the spraying is finished, open the off-line valve of room 1, and start the work: close the lifting valve of room 2 at an interval of about 20 seconds, and enter the next cycle after completing all the dedusting work in turn. After the end of the cycle, start the dedusting process from room 1.

3. Each bin room of the dust collector can be offline, that is, close the lifting valve and get rid of the dust removal system. In this case, the warehouse room will not run the cleaning process.

4. Ash discharging system: the ash bucket star dust discharging valve and the dust hopper wall vibrator are interlocked with the ash conveying system by means of automatic and field control.

5. Automatic control of ash transport system adopts timing and manual control. Timing control: when the dust collector completes 1-2 times of pulse spraying and cleaning cycle (or set ash discharging time), the ash transport equipment will run once, and the timing time interval can be adjusted. When discharging the ash, the bin wall vibrator with the ash bucket works. The field control is completed by the operation box next to the machine, and the upper computer of the main control system is provided with the running status signal of each equipment.

6. indication and alarm a solenoid valve working state indication and alarm b lifting valve working state and alarm c more bin room clear state indication d discharging valve working state indication and alarm, etc. The transport equipment in the dust removal system is equipped with mechanical fault detection and alarm devices. When any operating equipment fails, it will immediately send fault signals and send them to the operation room, indicating in the main control cabinet with sound and light alarms, and the operating equipment will automatically lose power and stop operation.

7. Connect the main body PLC of the dust collector with the upper industrial control computer, and transfer the parameters and signals collected by the main body of the dust collector, such as pulse valve, off-line valve, ash transport system and pneumatic switching valve.

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