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Types of boiler dust remover included

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Types of boiler dust remover included

The boiler dust collector mainly includes electrostatic dust collector, cloth bag dust collector and composite bag dust collector. Generally speaking, the initial dust removal power of the electric precipitator can reach 99%, can catch 1 micron of fine dust, deal with smoke volume, can be used in high temperature, high pressure and high wet occasions, but the electric precipitator equipment is huge, consumption of steel, high investment, production, device and handle the skill level requirements high, do not have offline maintenance function.

Boiler dust collector should pay attention to the load change of main equipment, it will affect the performance of cloth bag dust collector.

It is difficult to purify and remove dust from low-sulfur coal with sulfur content less than 1.0% after incineration by electric precipitator.

The collection power of PM2.5 particles is very low; The dust removal power of cloth bag filter is high, which can reach more than 99.9%. The equipment belongs to the province, the cost is less, and the skill requirement is lower than that of electric precipitator.

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